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April 30 Four Reasons toPlay Zone This list is from Don Meyer who is primarily a man to man coach. He has listed four times that a man to man coach might want to consider playing zone.

April 29 1-4 High Set Play This is a diagram of play to consider if you run your man to man sets from a 1-4 high.

April 28 Lute Olson on Offensive Rebounding is a 30 second video of Lute Olson explaining a simple way to teach a player to get offensive rebounding position.


April 24 MAN TO MAN BOX SET PLAY This video cuts away from the action, so I had to watch it a couple of times to see what he is doing, but this play ends up with a screen the screener (which I think is very difficult to guard) with several other scoring options. Man to Man Box Set Play

April 23 COMPETITIVE PRACTICES This e-mail is going out a little late today.  I spent the whole day yesterday (and am going back again today) filming video of April Foster and Ed Schilling teaching basketball for our launch of the the Coaches Academy coming June 1.  It made for a long day, but for a very enjoyable one.  This isn't normally a time when you can be around basketball all day, plus I learned a lot as I was working with them.  Josh and I are very excited about teaming up with April and Ed for the Coaches Academy.I put together a short report on making practices more competitive that also explains more about what we are doing.  Go to Coaches Academy. to download the report and for more information about the Coaches Academy.

April 22 NOTEBOOK IDEAS Today, I have put together some odds and ends of thoughts we have used as inspiration for our players from time to time. Inspirational  Odds and Ends

April 21 DOUBLING THE LOW POST Ralph Willard has been a Division I Mens Head Coach and an Assistant for Rick Pitino, Tubby Smith, and Jim Boeheim.  In this 90 second video he discusses two ways that he uses to double the post.  One is when a perimeter player doubles and the other is when another big doubles the low post. Doubling the Low Post

April 20 CONTINUOUS 1 ON 1 DRILL Whether your team's season is over, or you are a travel or select team coach and your season will soon be starting,  I believe that players need to play a lot of one on one both in and out of season.  I think it helps is you can ad variety to the way they play, but that it is important to make it as game-like as you can.  This drill is a way to keep the game moving and is posted on the drills page at the Coaching Toolbox. The drill is at the top of the tab you will land on. Continuous 1 on 1 Drill

April 17 ESPN FEATURE ON DON MEYER As I have said before, I am a big fan of Coach Don Meyer and have learned a great deal from his camps, academies, and DVDs.  ESPN did a feature on his automobile accident, cancer, and then his return to break the record for wins by a men's coach.  The video is thirteen and a half minutes.Don Meyer Featured on ESPN If you haven't been to his website, it is definitely worth taking a look: Here are a couple of short videos of Coach Meyer in action that I have sent out previously: Basketball The Don Meyer Way and Drive and Space

April 16 DEFENSIVE DRILLS FROM JIM LARRANAGA Here is the today's resource: A one minute video of Jim Larranaga going through a series of two and three man defensive breakdown drills: Defensive Drills from Jim Larranaga

April 13 THE FOUR WAY TEST These are four questions that Rotary International urges its members to use when making important decisions: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? I think it is great tool to share with our players to use in their lives to give some structure to their decision making.

April 10 SETH GREENBERG DEFENSIVE DRILL This is a 75 second video of Seth Greenberg presenting a defensive drill to work on swarming the ball when it is fed to the post, and then recovering back to the perimeter with a closeout when the ball is thrown out by the post player. Swarm and Recover Drill

April 9 A TRANSITION DRILL AND TWO DRIBBLE HAND-OFF PLAYS The current edition of the Marquette Men's Program's newsletter has a transition drill popularized by UCLA.  I have always called it 3 on 2 continuous.  There are also two dribble hand-off plays used by NBA teams.  There is other information in the newsletter, but this is the specific link to the drill and plays:Marquette Men's Newsletter

April 8 GAME'S FOUR MOST CRUCIAL PLAYSIn an effort to emphasize the importance of being fundamentally sound and improving our execution, I have always told teams that I coach that the outcome of a game that is decided by less than 10 points can be changed by altering four possessions of that game.  Click here to read the rest of the post on the ToolBlog

April 7 SETTING A REBOUNDING TONE Here is a 96 second video with some ideas for warm-up drills to use to create a rebounding mindset and to teach technique: Warm-Up Rebounding Drills Here are a couple of 30 second videos of more competitive drills from Tom Izzo

Tom Izzo 2 on 2 Rebounding Drill
Tom Izzo 5 on 5 Rebounding Drill

April 6 WHAT COLLEGE SCOUTS LOOK FOR I know that several of you are college coaches and I am not posting this article to say that this is all that college scouts look for or that this is what every coach is looking for. I am posting it with the thought in mind that if you are working with younger players who have a goal to play in college someday, this can help bring some perspective and focus to their goal. We have used it in our players notebooks.  It was written several years ago, but I believe it has good information. What College Scouts Look For

April 3 THE ESSENCE OF LEADERSHIP Here is the April video from Simple Truths. The Essence of Leadership

April 2 FIGHTING THE FIVE FEEDBACK TRAPS When I first began coaching, one of the first things I learned was that when working on an individual player's shot, trying to correct more than one problem at a time in one session did not work.  Each time I made progress in one area, the minute I tried to correct another flaw, the first problem resurface.  Here is an article from Coach Brian McCormick that presents five traps that we can fall into when working with players individually. Fighting the Five Feedback Trap

April 1 BO RYAN ON RELATING TO TODAY'S GENERATION For a little April Fool's Day humor, Bo Ryan demonstrates his version of the Soulja Boy Dance, which is also a favorite of Mike Fratello from last year's NBA playoff broadcasts. Bo Ryan Does Soulja Boy

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