Month: April 2015

2 on 2 on Top Defensive Drill

Contributed by Randy Sherman–owner and founder of Radius Athletics – a basketball coaching consulting firm. Objective: Drill for jumping to the ball in deny stance Defending long fast basket cuts Denying out and forcing catches going away from the basket…

LA Clippers Baseline Options

Submitted by Wes Kosel of Colorado College Here are a few baseline screening actions used by the LA Clippers. In option 1, the defender jumps the screen. In option 2, the defender chases 3 on the screen. In option 3,…

Buckeye II and Counter

These sets were submitted by Stephen Gengry, Assistant Coach in the Stephen F. Austin Men’s program. Ohio State ran this set vs. Arizona in the NCAA Tournament. This is a counter designed off of “Buckeye II”.