Basketball Plays Zone Quick Hitters

A couple of quick hitters against a 2-3 zone defense to consider adding as something that your upcoming opponents haven’t seen you run.

These two zone attack sets were included in the Xavier Men’s Basketball Coaching Newsletter Play Packet “Best of Zone Offense.”

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the diagrams from that newsletter, click here: Xavier Best of Zone Offense

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Handoff Pairs

Larry Brown



1 passes to 2.








1 sprints behind 2 and receives a hand off.

3 and 4 interchange.







5 screens in the bottom of the zone for 4.

3 screens in the opposite guard for 2.

1 sees both 4 and 2 cutting.

3 and 5 slip.






1 dribbles over and pushes 2 down to the corner and 3 all the way through.



Ball is reversed to 3 while 2 sprints off a baseline screen from 4.








5 screens center of zone as 4 curls around.


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