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"This is a great resource for coaches of any age. I got some great ideas from the book and was reminded of some things that we had gotten away from, that we are going back to doing!"

Pat Rady
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Cloverdale High School
(4th winningest coach in Indiana Boys High School Basketball History)


"I've read many books to help me be a more effective coach.  The Coaching Toolbox's Practice e-Book is a must in any successful coach's library.  This resource will remind you to take care of the small details that sometimes are overlooked in our fast paced vocation. It will be a book that you and all of your assistants will utilize, draw from, and reference.  Most importantly, it will help your players be more successful."

Joshua Kendrick
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Brownsburg High School
(2008 Indiana 4A State Champions)

We believe that the one area of your program that makes the biggest difference in the games is the way you plan and
direct basketball practice. We have assembled our best ideas for practice planning guide e-book.

$19 and download the e-book immediately!

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#2 Efficiency--Planning for the most efficient use of limited time and facilities.

#3 Habits--Motivate players to habitually do the right things right.

#4 Competition--Making basketball practice as competitive as possible.

#5 Team Building--Incorporating team and chemistry building.

#6 Game Planning--Incorporating game planning

#7 Thoroughness--Be meticulous in covering everything you do in games.


$19 and download the e-book immediately!


The four appendices...

A--24 questions with examples to help develop your master basketball practice plan
B--Player practice Evaluation Form
C--Playing hard checklist
D--Sample master practice plan

We are making 130 ways to make your practices better than last year available for $12.95 USD.

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$19 and download the e-book immediately!

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"WOW!  This is great and certainly worth the price..."

Coach Bruce Zimmerman, Goshen High School


"It's making me think a lot more deepy about preparing for this AAU season."

Coach Leon White


"This book is a must read for any coach who is serious about improving his or her practice organization, practice effectiveness, and getting the most our of each minute of practice time.  Brian has hit the nail on the head when it comes to effective practice planning and player and system development.  Written by coaches, they have connected with not only the basic needs of coaches, but more importantly have laid out an excellent plan of implementation of their ideas."

Wes Peek Boys Assistant Men's Coach, Franklin College


"Just want to say that I read your e-book and I think you have done a fantastic job! The content is brilliant and I have no doubt that coaches at any level will be able to find nuggets of gold information to improve their trainings which will improve their programs. Well done and keep it up!"--

Heath Millar, Australian Professional Coach


"What you have put together is great - thanks for helping our coaches!!"--

Brent Deckert (High School Coach in South Dakota)


"It makes me want to go out and find any basketball team and start coaching them!"--

Kevin Good (Sixth Grade Coach)

$19 and download the e-book immediately!


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